·        Our Psychotherapist talks all things body image, stress and bullying

·        Our Dietitian helps you make the best food choices for mind & body

·        Planet Ark will do a feature on recycling for a better planet

·        Our Financial writer explains how to open a bank acct,  TFN & Super Funds

·        Our Human Resources guru helps you write a resume & cover letter, plus interview tips to land that dream job

·        Our Naturopath discusses healthy choices plus smoothies you can make yourself

·        Our Travel writer shares her tips on being a good traveller and her journeys to other countries

·        Our cover will always feature a young local #crushingtheirgoals and a chat on how they do it

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There is so much to read. I enjoyed the stories of other teens in Australia doing awesome things. I now follow them on social media for inspiration. Talia, reader

The tips on healthy eating and exercise helped me with my health goals. I loved the recipes too. Lisa, reader

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