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10 Ways to stay POSITIVE when the news is NEGATIVE by Amarra @thewellstate

There’s no doubt that we are living in uncertain times. We are bombarded with negative news stories and are being driven by fear.

We need to take precautions.

We need to look after our family, our community and ourselves.

But how can we stay positive when the news is so negative?

This is what I am doing with my family, I encourage you to adopt some or all, of these new habits!

1. Wake up with GRATITUDE

Can you make your first thought of the day a positive one? Can you even just say a big heartfelt good morning to the people around you?


from phone, tv, radio, online in the morning. The first thing I usually do is turn the radio on in the morning, but the news is so negative that it starts negative conversations in our house. This week, I’ve been streaming music – that way we still have the positive vibes without the negative news.


(safely) with someone who is now working from home or is in isolation. Connection is the key to wellbeing and we’re facing being disconnected in a very big way. Call or even better, face time with them. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, just a quick ‘hello, how are you doing?”. If you and your workmates are working from home now - set up a whatsapp group so the office conversations can still happen.


before you start the day. Go for a brisk walk around the block or do some energising yoga (try Bloom app for some great mindful movement) so you get the negative jitters out of your system.


all of the news sites on your social media and remove the bookmarks from your internet browser. This will give you control over when you check in with the news rather than it fill your mind without permission.


this more than ever is so important. Be mindful while doing the smallest of things throughout your day. Can you be completely in the moment when you are making your tea/coffee? Can you eat mindfully – from preparing your meal, to consuming it - can you feel the texture of the food, can you smell it, can you taste individual tastes, can you feel when you are satisfied?

7. Be of SERVICE

to someone – when we are overwhelmed, the best thing we can do is to give. Ask yourself, how can you (safely) help someone else? Can you (safely) drop some groceries to a neighbour in need? Can you (safely) cook for someone who is in isolation? Can you share some of your stockpile with someone who has nothing because they live pay to pay?

8. Have FUN

it’s a time when feelings are heavy and the mood is negative. What are some ways you can have fun? Turn the music up and have a dance-off! Play board games with your family instead of watching TV. Play Charades or Pictionary for a few laughs! :)

9. Enjoy NATURE

(safely) as much as you can. Whether that’s just getting into the backyard or going to your local beach or botanical gardens. Feel some sunshine on your face and breathe in the scent of nature. Being grounded in these times is good for your soul and your immunity.


Be compassionate to those who are suffering from mental health issues, from physical health issues or who now have financial worries. We’re all in this together. Most importantly though, practice

SELF-COMPASSION. Remind yourself that these are stressful times and that it is ok to feel overwhelmed.

This trying time will pass and I truly believe that whilst we will all feel some grief, we will come out better for it.

Be well,


Amarra Bowkett is a Wellbeing Advisor (from The Well State) who holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Wellness from the Health|Science Faculty of RMIT. If you would like to know more, head to her website or follow her on Instagram @thewellstate.

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