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8 Top Tips To Better Travel


Whether you are venturing to your neighbouring town or across the world, travelling is a gift. It is the world educating you the way no other school setting system can - with real life! So, how are you at travelling? As you now mature into a young adult, being aware of your travelling behaviour can have a profound effect on your enjoyment of each journey you take. If you are a regular traveller or a complete novice take some time to read these tips to give you the best start on your next adventure.

1. Be part of the planning

If your parents or guardian are planning a trip, ask to be involved. Whilst is not your job to take over completely, having input will help you get some understanding of what type of adventure you are going on.

2. Learn about the destination

Nowadays with access to digital media, finding out about your destination is easier than ever before. Part of being a great traveller is to research about places you will visit. know what to expect when you get there helps you adapt and therefore immerse into the experience a lot easier.

3. Be responsible

The older you get, the more responsibility you have. Try packing your own carry on and assist with getting your own belonging that you need organised. You can get help with what items you think you will need and if you are flying, packing a great carryon is key to making your flight enjoyable. Trust me, your parents will thank you.

4. Cultural awareness

Are you going to a destination that requires cultural awareness? Did you know some countries will refuse entry into places of worship if you wear singlets? Some countries don’t approve of public displays of affection, and other countries abide by social rules like not using mobile phones on public transport. All these aspects of travel are important as they show respect to that culture and make you a conscious traveller.

5. Record memories

You are making life long memories on your holidays, so make sure you are recording some of them. Get creative! maybe start a journal, a blog, take photos and make a slide show at the end of your trip. This will so lovely to look back over when you return. You can even keep ticket stubs, entry passes and business cards of places you go and visit.

6. Compromise

Family holidays are exactly that - for the whole family. As you get older and more adamant about what you like and don’t like - compromise is key. Remember you are part of a family unit and you may have older or younger siblings too. Understand that planning days of sights to see and places to visit might not make everyone happy all the time.

7. A learning curve

You may not realise, but travelling to new destination is always a time for learning new things. If you are travelling for an extensive period of time - take the time to pick one element (such as language, music or food) and try and find interesting facts and history about this topic. It could be something you share with your teacher when you get home.

8. Look for the fun

Ultimately, the idea of getting out of your home and travelling to a different place (whether you have been there before or not) is about having some fun. Think about what fun you love to have? Fun doesn’t just happen all the time. Look for the fun…look for the happy, the moments you will remember forever.

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