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Do you need help with Online Schooling?

Kylie is a former secondary school teacher and VCE leader who for the past 11 years has been a professional educational mentor and performance coach tutoring in conjunction with her company BPT Private Tuition in Benalla, VIC.

Due to the current pandemic and in line with government protocols Kylie has moved from her personalised one-on-one face-to-face delivery of education at her BPT Private Tuition facility at 61 Carrier Street Benalla, to a fully online system.

Kylie is now sharing her expertise on Free Family Focused Facebook groups.

Kylie believes that every individual deserves the self-worth, confidence and strength to face personal choices and challenges with stability and make decisions that lead to positive outcomes and fulfilment. During the uncertainty of the COVID_19 Pandemic, Kylie is bridging the gap between what schools can provide and what parents feel capable of delivering.

Kylie’s love of teaching and holistic mentoring is what prompted her to add free online platforms to her current offerings. Her passion has always lay with the wellbeing and development of young people and she uses her qualifications, expertise and experience, to connect with individuals and families; promoting strength, resilience and personal growth & supporting others on their intrinsic journey to be their best self.

Our dedicated FREE resource and Q&A Facebook groups at:

The English group

The Maths group

And the general academic community


1. Does it cost anything to join the Facebook groups?

No. The groups are only marked as ‘private’ for your privacy, so people can’t see who is in the group and who is posting, they are free to anyone interested in educational support

2. Do you have to be a paying client to get help?

No. Free help is provided via the Facebook groups and via the website at

3. How can I submit a question?

Written, spoken or visual – we accept them all!

Write it down, take a picture, email us or do a short video or Facebook live

4. What if I just don’t know where to start with helping my children?

It is natural for families to be anxious, many of the teachers here are parents too, we can offer support and advice to assist with your journey and direct you to professional services for official information

5. Do all the questions have to be about school work?

No. Kylie’s focus is holistic mentoring and she is a qualified performance coach and NLP practitioner also

6. How do we know you are providing the correct answers?

Kylie is a fully qualified professional who works with other fully qualified professionals both in schools and in private practices

7. What if I don’t have Facebook?

We know many families do not have this social networking platform (and children under the age of 16 certainly should not) This is why we provide email and website support also

8. How will I know when you are posting?

Click notifications when you join and ensure you follow

9. How will I know when you are going live?

Click notifications when you join and ensure you follow

10. What is the next step with your free online resources?

With enough interest I will be running LIVE Q&A panels also. Stay tuned…

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