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Isolation Survival Guide by Marissa from @beyondbronzetan

Isolation is the new normal, for now.  But like everything new, it can take time to adjust and settle in. Preparation is key to surviving isolation and keeping your daily life as much as possible.  There is nothing like a forced isolation and major life change to make you quickly reevaluate the important things in life and what truly matters to a happy, balanced and harmonious life.  You quickly take for granted the ease and simplicity of being able to catch up with friends whenever you like, to be able to go to the shops whenever you need, to be able to buy everything on your grocery list and to have the freedom to move around as and when you want.  It is also a time to take an audit on your life so far. Have you been living your best version of life? When you can return to society and the world, will you return the same as before, or will you make changes to get out and live and experience life to fullest? 

There can be some great positives to being in isolation, if you use the time to your best advantage.  While everyone loves a bit of netflix and couch time, at the end of isolation if the only thing you have increased is your netflix original series tally, then you may not be able to maintain the feelings of positivity and optimism as easily and can find it much harder to adjust back into normal life, in the real world. Isolation is a great time to reconnect with friends and family, enjoy taking time out to rest and recharge the body, mind and soul and to learn some new life skills. One nice thing has been how many more actual phone conversations and facetime calls are happening. It is nice to connect in other ways instead of just messages! 

To survive isolation and come out stronger on the other side, here are some ideas to get you through. 

Foster an animal. There are so many animals in need and this can also be great entertainment when stuck at home.  

Facetime / phone conversations

Dance classes / Dancing

Virtual Coffee

Virtual dinner party

Virtual gym sessions with friends

Virtual game night - Cards against humanity is available online where you can join in your friends

Teach a skill - Record video teaching a skill you have and something amazing to share with others

Cooking Class - Teach others how to cook your favourite dish. Now more than ever people need help cooking healthy and nutritious meals on a budget. You can also have your friends facetime their pantry & help them prepare a meal from their ingredients.

Grow a veggie garden or a garden

Virtual trivia night

Virtual Book club. Read a book

Write a book / EBook.  Everyone has a story in them ready to come out and be shared with the world

Start a blog.  Share your interests and knowledge with other like minded people

Start a business! Many big businesses were built during low and hard financial times.  There is nothing like a major and sudden life change to bring out innovation and creative ideas. 

Study! Do an online course and learn a new skill

Learn a new language

Spring Clean your house & wardrobe

Have a virtual declutter party. Join your friends online and clear out old things you’ve had packed away.  

Have a virtual swap / suitcase / rummage clothes exchange. Post clothes and items online for people to choose and then post them out to your friends or give them to them when you can meet up in real life.

So, you see there are so many things we can do while in isolation. I challenge you to do just two from the list I suggested then head to our website and leave a comment on this blog telling us which one you did. Or, make one up yourself and let us know:)

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