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Relationship Revival

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Have you ever felt lonely emotionally or isolated from the group?

Have you experienced rejection or felt unworthy?

I have found that often these questions that we ask ourselves are left unanswered. When you concentrate on why it’s happening to you, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position that can lead to overwhelm, creating a reality that doesn’t exist. To avoid this overwhelm, you need to ask yourself better questions, because good quality questions lead to better answers. Research tells us that our friendships play a big part in our lives and especially in the way we feel about ourselves and see ourselves both internally and externally. Friendships first develop during childhood, when youngsters learn to interact with others; they learn how to agree and disagree, to exchange meaningful words and gestures. Therefore having supportive friends helps you feel loved, be productive at school and boost your happiness.

So, what are the 4 Things That Can Help You Be A Great Friend?

1. Be Yourself - when you pursue activities and hobbies you enjoy, you have a great chance of meeting people with similar interests. It can be sports; dancing classes; cooking; reading books and the list goes on.

2. Be Interested to be interesting – listen to what your new friend has to say and don’t interrupt them. Share something meaningful about yourself and ask your new friend if they want to share the same with you. You can also offer your help with homework or whatever they need or ask them for help with your stuff.

3. Show Your Pearly Whites – your smile is a very powerful tool. People who smile are perceived as more attractive, kinder, happier and more approachable.

4. Rejection is your friend – never take anything personally. Not everyone has to like you it’s simply impossible. Choose your own tribe because they are the ones who will be genuinely interested in your friendship. Always wish people well, even when you don’t feel like it. It will serve you in the future.

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