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Teens Guide to Juggling Study and Social Life

My blog will be about how I balance my study, modelling and being an influencer. It can be tricky at times and very time consuming but I love travelling and posting on my Insta @jadeevice so come along and follow my journey.

As for my Instagram and modelling career it has only just started. I created a public Instagram page about 12 months ago where I would just post photos of myself that I liked. After a few months, I was contacted by brands who wanted me to promote their products. After taking lots of photographs of myself I started to enjoy it. In September this year my sister and I were signed to Bettina Management which was very exciting. My sister Eve and I do nearly everything together and are really close. With an age gap of less than 3 years we can really relate to each other which made it so exciting when we both got signed to the same agency.

I am very much into fitness and nutrition which I strongly believe helps the mind as much as the body. By having a balanced diet of vegetables, protein and carbs I am able to feel good about what I’m eating and stay in shape. Exercise and sport are also very important to me which helps me keep fit. As an athlete as well as a model I do most of my training at home or on the track to keep fit. At home training consists of toning my legs, glutes and upper body.

My mental health is also extremely important and staying grounded. I do this by staying calm and blocking out negativity with a strong positive outlook and the help of crystals. I got into crystals about 18 months ago when suggested by my mother to calm my nerves when I compete. From then on, I researched them more and now use them in my daily life from when feeling sick, sleeping better to attracting positivity. My “go to” crystals are rose quartz and amethyst as they both attract good energy, promote self-love, have calming qualities and aid in a good night sleep. All these components I find extremely important in everyday life and would suggest them to anyone.

Being positive, focused and having the support and guidance from my family has been extremely helpful. My parents have always instilled in me to be kind, respectful, honest and confident. School is a priority and my goal in school is to get the best ATAR I can. This will give me the best options for my future. I foresee my career path as either in the sports medicine field or fashion. Both theses paths interest me and I believe that with me being into sport from an early age and getting into modelling would be fun to pursue in the future.

Until next time when I chat about blocking out negativity with my Complete Crystal Guide…stay positive

Jadee :)

The Power of Positivity!

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