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The first 12 weeks... by Rowena Maree

I remember the day we found out I was pregnant it was the day after my 31st birthday and also happened to be our anniversary. We had been trying for four years and finally, we were both staring at a positive pregnancy test, actually two tests, you know, just to be sure. We cried and were both over the moon.

After the doctor's appointment, we found out I was around 6 weeks along. I felt ok, boobs were a bit tender and I was tired but not too bad. Then came nausea, all day, every day... A lot of the time I could only get relief from laying down and I still felt terrible. Victor was AMAZING, making food for me and whatever else I needed but nothing took that sick feeling away!

All I wanted to do was talk to my friends that were mums and ask for advice and tips or even just to vent about how overwhelming and scary it all was as a first-time mother. But I had ingrained in my mind that I couldn't tell anyone until I was at least 12 weeks in case something bad happened...

What the hell is with that!!! Haven't we moved on from all the old-fashioned wives' tales? And what if something bad did happen? I sure as hell would not want to remain silent and suffer the loss of baby alone with no one knowing or being able to comfort me. Can't we share the joy of falling pregnant and the first few weeks with friends and family?

We talk about everything else that goes on why would we want to keep the amazingness of life a secret for 3 months!! It's madness! Isn't it?

Something about motherhood that I absolutely love is that it is an unspoken tribe. We ask for advice from other mums, share stories, share our worries, and lift each other up, it's amazing. That's why next time if we are blessed with another babe, I won't keep it a secret. And I encourage new mums to do the same, learn from the women around you, ask questions, talk, listen... This motherhood tribe is a powerful, beautiful thing.

Rowena Maree XX

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