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Your Dreams Start Here #crushyourgoals

Are you ready for real content you can relate to? We are about to launch our online magazine for teens this December.

We have AMAZING qualified contributors and we are excited!

There will be the wonderful Christie a psychotherapist talking all things body image, stress and bullying and channelling your energy for good. Our fit and fantastic PT Ash talking nutrition and exercise and loving yourself first. Cath our financial writer explaining how to open your first bank account, applying for your TFN for your first job and choosing a Super Fund. We have AJ our HR guru helping you get your head around writing a first resume and cover letter to tips on studying to land your dream job. Kristy our naturing Naturopath talks about the necessity of taking care of your body to harness the full capacity of your mind. Brenda our Travel writer from Our Family Travels will take you on her families adventures around the world so you can immerse yourself in the culture of faraway lands.

We have the usual fashion, fun, food with delicious recipes and beauty too. Our cover will always feature a young person crushing their goals and a chat with them on how they do it. We really wanted to feature your everyday young person (not a celebrity) that you the readers can relate to. Our first cover is the extremely talented Macy Jane Callaghan who we also chat to about winning her Junior World Surfing Title.

We are also featuring stories on Australian products, services and talent...not your HUGE brands that have massive budgets. They will inspire you with their journeys and how they stay motivated and focussed when things don't quite go to plan.

I hope you can follow us on our journey as well as we get ready to launch December!

Your Dreams Start Here so get ready...

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